When it come to custom T-shirts look no further. Whether you are looking for a few shirts for a personal gathering, sports uniforms or to outfit your business Pop Images can accommodate your needs.


Our Pricing is divided into two sections - All Shirts and Digital Shirts.      

The all shirts pricing is based on any color shirt, white, black and all in between. These shirts are produced using screenprinting techniques.

We have pricing for 1 Color, 2 Colors and Full Color. Any time you design a shirt with more than 3 Colors to a side, it is considered full color. 

Full Color screenprinting uses a 4-color process system that allows us to produce near photo quality with no color limitations. We don't even ask how many colors there are when quoting for full color. Full Color means FULL COLOR.     

All Shirts (Dark Colors)

Choose a Brand, Create a Virtual sample, and get a quote.

2019 Pop Images Pricing.jpg

The Digital shirts are created with a computer and transferred directly to the shirt. Due to the nature of imprinting on a garment in this way, we have

to use light colored shirts or you would not be able to see the art. Imagine writing on a black piece of paper with black ink. Same effect. 

Digital Shirts - Full Color   

Light Colored Shirts Only 

We strive to build relationships with our clients. Our pricing will reflect that relationship as clients contract to do more and more shirts. Lets say you know you are going to order 300 shirts in the Fall, 200 in Winter, and 200 in the spring. We can give you pricing based on your complete annual

volume vs doing them order by order. You save money  and we make a new friend.          


Any questions please contact us. 936-564-5222 Fax: 936-715-6020 E-mail PopImages@PopImages.net